As local, network and cable news continues to be consumed by the North Korean Sony hack, Mom continues to keep me posted – at least as she interprets the situation.

“You’re not going to the movies soon, are you?” she asked as I placed her dinner on her lap tray a couple of nights ago.

“No, not in the near future,” I replied. “Why?”

“Because a bunch of slackers from North Carolina are going to protest something or other and it sounds like going to the movies is going to be a big pain in the butt until everything settles down.”

“Slackers?” I replied, trying not to laugh. “North Carolina? Are you sure it wasn’t North Korean hackers?”

“No, it wasn’t hackers,” she responded with an empathic shake of her head. “Those are computer people, right?”

“Yes, Mom, those are computer people,” I said.

“Well what would they have to do with the movies unless it was a movie you could see on your computer? It was slackers. And besides, why would people come all the way here from North Korea just to clog up a theater and make everyone else miserable. That’s just stupid.”

“Okay then,” I said with a grin as I turned to go back to the kitchen. “We’ll stay away from the movies until the North Carolina slackers are gone.”

“Good,” she said. “Movies cost way too much now-a-days to waste your money on those kind of shenanigans.”



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