Young Junk Eel

When Mom watches the news, I’m never sure if she’s going to get it or not. She usually doesn’t, but that’s probably because she stopped wearing her hearing aids months ago. Plus, she can hear a story at noon and again at dinner time and extract completely different things from the same report. And most of it is wrong. For example, just yesterday, the 12:00 news was all about the threats from the alleged North Korean group, Guardians of Peace that hacked into Sony’s database and was threatening acts of terror if the movie, ‘The Interview,’ was released to theaters. After the story ended, she called me in from the office where Bill and I were working on a new project.

“Do you know who ‘Sunny’ is?” she asked. “I think it’s someone famous,” she added as a helpful hint.

“Sonny?” I asked. “Like Sonny and Cher? Or Sonny Corleone?”

“Maybe,” she replied. “It’s someone in Hollywood who just got interviewed in North Korean.”

I suppressed a grin and, unable to help myself, asked, “I’m not sure who you mean. Why?”

“Because apparently this interview made them really mad, especially the leader, you know, that young Junk Eel kid, and now they’re sending emails all over the place to make them look bad.”

“Make who look bad?” I asked. “Junk Eel?”

“No. Sunny,” she said. “They’re protesting with emails.”

“Sunny’s protesting?”

“No, not Sunny,” she corrected me with a loud sigh. “The North Koreans.”

“Mom, I think it was Sony, not sunny,” I said. “And the protestors are upset about a new movie Sony’s releasing soon called ‘The Interview’.”

“Well that’s just stupid,” she huffed. “If they don’t like the movie they should stay home and not go see it.”

movie theater


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