The Last Laugh

Mom passed away peacefully in her sleep last night.  Because the stories, and the journey they chronicled, were written lightheartedly, with humor and laughter being the end goal, Bill and I composed, this, Mom’s unofficial obituary to reflect the craziness that passed for our lives during the last 7 years.  Thank you, all my loyal followers, for sharing this time with me and Bill and especially Mom.

Mrs. Elaine… passed quietly into the night on September 5, 2016.  She was married to John the Nazi for 22 not-so-fun-filled years until she decided that he’d gone bad and sent him back to his daughter.

She is survived by her three children, Patty, Jimmy and the one who never calls; by four grandchildren, Patty’s son Ryan and her daughter – whose either Dana or Amber, and Jimmy’s two girls, whose names she can’t remember but they live in Michigan except one of them moved, maybe to Boston or Ohio or someplace where it gets cold and is dangerous so she should not go out alone at night.  She was also a great-grandmother of four.  She didn’t know which kids belong to who, but she knew who they were – the older girl, that other boy, the little wild girl and the new one who might be a girl but is probably a boy.  

She spent her last few years happily perched on her beloved loveseat where she carried on long and fulfilling relationships with Drew Carey, Tom Bergeron and Alex Trebeck.  She’ll miss them.

She will be remembered fondly and thought of often.  Good night Mom.


12/10/1925 – 9/5/2016


6 Comments on “The Last Laugh”

  1. Debbie Larson says:

    Patt, I am so sorry for your loss. May your mother rest in peace. Thinking of you and praying for peace and comfort for you and Elaine’s family.

  2. Sherri Hamilton says:

    So sorry about your Mom. I have enjoyed your writings over the past few years. Our prayers and thoughts are with you.

    Sherri Hamilton Sent from my iPad


  3. Patt says:

    Thanks so much Sherri. Bill and I think of you all so often.

  4. lynn says:

    Dear Patt,
    I feel like I know her to, she is in a better place now. My sympathy to you both. Loved reading your blogs about life with Mom. I will miss her too.!
    Love, Lynn

  5. we will all miss her..she seemed like family after these past few years. for your loss. god bless.

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