Ducks on the Rocks

“I sent a text to Mel,” Bill announced proudly.

“Oh?  What was it about?” I asked, turning away from my PC.

“The ducks in his yard this morning.”

“Did you get a picture?”

“Nope.  Daisy was going for her walk and Bob used the golf cart today and it scared them away.”

“So they were on the sidewalk?”

“Nope, on the rocks and driveway.  But when she ran by, they bolted.”

“That’s too bad, I’d like to have seen them,” I commented, preparing to turn back to my computer.  “What did you say to Mel?”

“Here, look,” he replied, handing me his phone.

I started reading, then started laughing, as I read the string on his screen.

Saw a couple of ducks on your rocks around 5 am.  Pretty cool.

Ducks?? Rocks???

Yup.  Then Daisy ran by with the golf cart and scared them before I could get a pic.

Ducks?? Golf Cart???

Maybe next time.

Daisy?? Ducks???

“You sent this to…?” I asked once I stopped laughing.


“Nope, don’t think so,” I said, pointing to the recipient and whipping the tears from my cheeks.  “It looks like it went to Mellon Bank customer service,”

“Oops.  No wonder he seemed confused.”


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