The Invisible Bird From Outer Space

“Have you noticed when that bird sticks its head out of the hole, his eyes light up?” Mom asked.  She’d just spent several long moments staring out the dining room window at the invisible bird that’s been living in the roosting pocket hanging in one of the Palo Verde trees in our back yard.

“No, I haven’t noticed the bird’s eyes lighting up,” I answered from the kitchen where Bill and I were getting dinner ready.

“Well it’s true,” she replied.  “When he looks out, his eyes just glow.”

“Maybe it’s an alien bird,” Bill commented drily.

“I guess maybe,” Mom responded.  “It’s not that far to come.”

“It’s not?” he asked.  “I figured it would be a few light years at least.”

“No, it’s only a few hundred miles or so,” she said as she turned away from the window and drove ten feet to the kitchen doorway.  “I guess they could fly that far if they stopped to rest along the way.”

Wouldn’t they have trouble breathing?” he continued, trying not to laugh.

“No.  Unless they had to come across California.  The air’s pretty crappy there.”

“Mom, Bill isn’t talking about Mexican birds, he’s talking about alien birds.  You know, like from another planet,” I called after her.

“Oh, well I doubt that,” she said as she turned away and drove into the living room.  “Although those killer bees came a long way to get here,” she called out.  “Maybe the bird did too.  You just never know with nature and other weird stuff.

alien bird2


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