The Honeymoon’s Over

“Bill’s coming!” Mom hollered from the living room.  I pushed the start button on the washing machine and went back into the house.  “Coming from where?” I yelled as I closed the door to the garage.

“I don’t know from where,” she responded with a shrug.  “From wherever he was, I guess.”

“I thought he was back in the office,” I commented as I walked into the living room.

“No, I don’t think so,” she replied.  “He hasn’t been in office for a while.  Maybe five or six years at least.”

“Mom, he’s in the office all the time.”

“Well maybe it’s because he gets invited there.  Probably to help run the country since Obama doesn’t know what the heck he’s doing.”

“Obama?  Mom, who are you talking about?”

“Bill.  Bill Clinton.  You know, Hillary’s husband?  He’s coming to town today.”

“Oh, okay, that makes more sense.  I thought you were talking about my Bill.”

“Well why would he go talk to Obama.  He isn’t running for president, is he?”

“No, he isn’t.  But he’d probably do a better job than most of the people who are running,” I said with a laugh.

“Probably.  At least you wouldn’t be embarrassed to be in the same city with him.”

“No, I guess I wouldn’t.  Why do you say that?”

“Because Bill’s here today and Hillary isn’t showing up until tomorrow.  I think they really can’t stand each other.”

“I guess the honeymoon’s over on that marriage,” I chuckled.

“Knowing what he’s like, it was probably over before the honeymoon was over,” she responded with a sage nod.

Bill Clinton    Hillary 3


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