“Did you hear?” Mom asked Bill on his way through the living room to join me the patio.

“Hear what?”

“That Trump guy won really big in Las Vegas,” she informed him with a knowing nod.

“Don’t you mean in Nevada?” Bill asked.

“Well I guess that’s where it is, so I suppose so,” she replied with a shrug.  “It’s probably the last thing he needs.”

“Patt!” Bill called out, edging his way into the Arizona Room as panic started to make his voice quiver slightly.  “I need you in here.  Right NOW!”

I got up and wandered into the house.  “What’s up?” I asked with a grin.

“Your Mom is talking about Donald Trump again.  I never know what she means, so you need to take over.  I’ll see you outside,” he said and bolted toward the sliding door and the patio beyond.

“What about Donald Trump?” I asked Mom as I sat down in the recliner next to her.

“Oh, I was just telling Bill how he won a lot in Las Vegas and it’s a shame because he really doesn’t need it.”

“He doesn’t need the win?  I think he was pretty happy about it.”

“Well sure, he was happy but he didn’t really need it that much.”

“Why would you think that?” I asked.  “He’s in this thing to win, whether we want him to or not.”

“But he’s already got all the money he needs so I don’t know why it should matter if he wins more in Vegas or not.  Maybe he should give it to poor people.”

“Mom, he didn’t win money, he won the Nevada caucus.  You know, for the presidential election.”

“Oh my God, is he going to be the next president?  That would be terrible,” she exclaimed.  “He’s just a blowhard and a big mouth and he has really weird hair.”



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