Crap TV

“Is today Saturday?” Mom asked.

“No, it’s Thursday,” I replied as I brought in her breakfast.

“Well that’s not right,” she responded with a frown.

“What’s not right?”

“Well if yesterday was Friday, then how can this be Thursday.  That would mean the week’s going backwards.”

“Mom, yesterday was Wednesday.  Remember, Sandy came and gave you a shower and Bill and I went out to dinner.”

“That wasn’t yesterday.  That was before yesterday,” she argued.

“Okay.  If you want it to be Saturday, it can be Saturday.  It doesn’t really matter that much, does it?”

“Well yes, it does matter,” she huffed.  “It matters a lot.”

“Oh?  It matters because thinking it’s the wrong day makes you feel bad?”

“No, because there’s nothing worth watching on the TV on Saturday and I need to know so I don’t waste my time looking for something good.”

“I see,” I said, rolling my eyes and walking away.  “Well you can put away your Poker game, because it’s won’t be crap TV Saturday for two more days.”

TV time1


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