Face Look

“Do you do that Face Look thing?” Mom asked as I walked through the living room.

“Do you mean Facebook?”

“I suppose it’s one of those,” she conceded.  “Do you do it?”

“Yes, Bill and I both do Facebook.  Why?”

“Because I heard on the news that it’s being used to change how politicians look.”

I paused for a moment to chew on that little piece of insight before I replied, “I think you mean how social media’s changing the look of politics.”

“Whatever,” she huffed with a flutter of her hands.  “It’s the same thing.  Personally, I think it’s crooked to try to fool people with how you really look.”

“How who looks to who?” I asked with a sigh, resigned to seeing this conversation through to its inevitable convoluted end.

“Them, the politicians, to everyone, I guess,” she shrugged.  “Maybe they figure they won’t get elected if people knew what they really looked like so they use Face Look to change it so they look better.”

“Okay.  And how will Facebook make them look different?”

“I don’t know.  With computer stuff I suppose.  Maybe they just look different on the TV and in ads and then once they get voted in they can change back and look the way they were.”

“I think you’re on to something, Mom,” I said with a chuckle.  “That explains why they seem like such great choices until they get elected and then they just revert back to doing the same nothing they’ve been doing all along.”

“Yep,” she agreed with a firm nod.  “It’s all that Face Look’s fault.  They shouldn’t mess around trying to change how people look.  They should try to change how they act instead!”



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