I was pouring my second cup of coffee and Mom was watching some morning network newsertainment show when she called out, “Patty, come here.  You won’t believe this.”

I finished pouring, stirred my sugar and Coffee Mate-laced brew and wandered into the living room.  “What won’t I believe?” I asked before taking a sip of breakfast blend.

“What some women are doing to themselves.  And on purpose!”

Now, keep in mind that I’d heard the crux of the story while I was prepping my coffee.  I knew the show’s host’s had been discussing a recent medical breakthrough that involved the possibility of performing uterine transplants into women who had been born without one.

“And what are women doing to themselves?”

“They’re getting an extra uterus put in.  Like one isn’t enough,” she huffed.

“Mom, I don’t think that’s what… “

“What on earth do they think they’ll do with another uterus?” she continued.  “Have more babies?  That’s just stupid.”

“It isn’t an extra one, it’s… “

“Plus now they’ll have their period out of two uteruses so it’ll be twice as bad.  And how many babies do they think they can carry around inside them.  And,” she continued with a gasp of sudden insight, “what if they had twins?  Then they’d have, what, four or five babies at once.  That’s just really, really, stupid!”

I sighed in resignation.  “Maybe they figure if they have a litter of kids they can get it over with all at once.”

“Well, all I know is one at a time is hard enough.  Besides, where are they getting all these extra uteruses from anyway?  There’s something fishy about the whole thing and I think it’s just wrong!”

“And don’t forget stupid,” I added over my shoulder as I walked toward the hall.

“Definitely stupid,” she called after me.



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