Not Stupid

There’s a popular photograph that many in the media seem fond of using when they’re discussing Hillary Clinton and her ongoing email scandal.  She’s on, I believe, Air Force One, and she’s perusing her Blackberry for, oh I don’t know, emails about Chelsea’s pregnancy?  Yoga classes?  A text from Bill?  But definitely nothing of importance, like maybe top secret, classified stuff.


Anyway, as I was dusting my way through the living room, Mom stopped me to convey her insights.  “That Hillary is sure stupid,” she huffed as she watched the commentators rehash Hillary’s email problems on Face the Nation.

I paused, Swiffer in hand, and turned to her.  “And why do you think she’s stupid?” I asked.

“Because she’s having all these problems with people looking at stuff in her email but here she is, using a computer right there in front of everyone.”

“Okay, but it’s not because people are looking at her stuff, it’s because they’re finding stuff that…”

“If she didn’t do it out in the open like that,” Mom continued, “she wouldn’t have to worry about other people seeing stuff on her computer.  She’s just stupid because she’s playing with it so that everyone can see what she’s doing.  She should do it in private somewhere.”

“Oh, like maybe in her house?” I said with a grin.  “Maybe down in the basement so no one can see?”

“Yes,” she exclaimed, nodding her approval.  “That would be better.  No windows, no people and not stupid.”


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