Basking in the Driveway

The holidays are over and Snowbird season is in full swing.  The roads around Sun City are constantly clogged with cars bearing out-of-state plates like Michigan, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Illinois, and Ohio.  Pretty much the entire mid-west is represented here.  There’s also plenty from the west and northwest: Washington, Oregon, Montana, Wyoming, Alaska and California.  Not to mention Alberta, British Columbia, Manitoba and Saskatchewan.

The pools and lounge chairs at the rec centers are full of happy sun-worshipping Snowbirds, even though the December and January temperatures have been hovering in the high-50’s and low 60’s.  The full-timers are bundled in jeans and sweaters and sweatshirts and the visitors are romping around in tee shirts and shorts.

But for Bill and me, the most visual representation of the invasion was the recent driveway sunbathing across the street at Fletch’s house, our Snowbird neighbor.  It was New Year’s eve, their kids and grandkids were visiting, and the temperature was 57 degrees!

I understand that, due to the rock and pebble landscaping, draping a towel on the ground in the backyard and stretching out to catch a few rays is pretty much out of the question.  But I’m not sure how solid concrete could be more comfortable.

On her way back from her afternoon nap, Mom rolled through the kitchen and glanced out the window, which prompted her to yell loudly to no one in particular, “I think there’s a dead body across the street.  Somebody better call 991.”

sun bathing


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