It’s Raining, It’s Pouring

It’s been raining off and on for four days and when it hasn’t been raining it’s been cloudy and overcast and generally gloomy.  We had a couple hour break yesterday afternoon in between storm fronts and Bill and I stood outside on the patio marveling at the blue sky and sunshine.

This morning it was raining so hard we cancelled our walk, so we were here when Mom got up at 7.  As we sat in the Arizona Room watching the local morning news we heard her through the baby monitor as she rustled around in her bedroom.

“I better get her breakfast stuff,” I sighed, listening to the click-click-click as she maneuvered the joystick on the Red Menace.

“Yup.  You don’t want a grumpy granny if her breakfast isn’t waiting for her,” Bill said with a grin.

I gathered together her OJ, breakfast bar and yogurt and, as I was putting it out in the living room, Mom wheeled in.

“Morning,” I called out, watching her zip past me, making a beeline for the dining room window.

“Hmmm,” she muttered, as she stopped to gaze through the glass for about seven seconds before turning away and driving back into the living room.  “Looks like it might finally rain,” she remarked, expertly parking the Red Menace and moving onto the loveseat.

“Might?” I replied.  “Mom, it’s pouring outside.”

“Well that may be but it’s still kind of dark so I can’t see if it is or isn’t.”

“Well trust me, it’s really coming down.”

“If you say so,” she responded with a shrug.  “I guess it’s about time.”

“What do you mean, about time?  It’s been raining since Monday.”

“Oh, I doubt that,” she countered.  “We don’t get that much rain here because it’s normally so dry.  It’s been like that ever since I moved here.”

“Oh, I’m sure it was like that long before you moved here,” I commented wryly.  “But we’ve been getting dumped on all week.”

“Well I haven’t seen any rain so, as far as I know, we haven’t gotten any.  But they sure got a lot in California.”

“How can you know about rain in California and not know about the rain in your own backyard?”

“Because it’s been on the news.  They’ve got floods and stuff and here it’s probably just some puddles.  I guess it’s not worth talking about.”

I rolled my eyes, shook my head in resignation and walked back toward the Arizona Room.

“Besides,” she called after my retreating back, “It never rains here in October.”

“It’s JANUARY,” I yelled over my shoulder.



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