A Coke is a Coke is a Coke…

I was in the kitchen, preparing to make myself a half a sandwich for lunch, when Mom came down the hall and headed into the living room.  As she settled herself on the loveseat, I poked my head out from the kitchen doorway and asked if she wanted a half a turkey sandwich.

“Sure,” she replied with a smile.  “I just got a Coke out of my frig and that will go good with a sandwich.”

I fished out another paper plate and proceeded to construct a yummy turkey and provolone on multi-grain bread with a smear of light mayonnaise and a leaf of lettuce.  Cutting the finished product, I put Mom’s half on a plate and took it into the living room.  As I placed it in her lap, I noticed a can of Slim Fast sitting on the end table.

“Where’s your Coke?” I asked.

“Right there,” she said, nodding her head to the left toward the Slim Fast can.

“Mom, that’s not Coke, its Slim Fast.”

She gave it a quick glance before picking up the sandwich.  “Same thing,” she replied, taking a bite.

“No it’s not.  Slim Fast is a diet drink.  It’s a meal replacement, so you’re really having two lunches.”

“Whatever,” she shrugged.  “As far as I’m concerned if it’s in a can it’s a Coke.”



3 Comments on “A Coke is a Coke is a Coke…”

  1. She’s better off with the Slim Fast. At least there’s a semblance of nutrition in there. Coke is liquid sugar with enough acid to eat through a battery.

    • Patt says:

      I know, I watched it take the paint off the inside of a glove box a millennium ago when I was in high school. All she ever has is Slim Fast, but its in a can, so it must be Coke. I gave her a can of apple juice a year or so ago and she wanted me to go buy more apple-flavored Coke! Have a wonderful holiday season and thank you for reading my blog.

      • Take her out to the car, pop the hood, and slowly pour a can of Coke over the battery heads. She might be moved when she sees it disintegrate corrosion as quickly as bleach wipes out a stain. Mom, this is your stomach on drugs….

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