Every Saturday evening, when Mom goes to bed, I follow her into her bedroom so that I can plug in the Red Menace to charge overnight.  And, every Saturday night, she informs me that it doesn’t need to be charged because the ‘buttons’ are all green.  She then confirms this by pointing to the speed indicator, which is all green because she’s managed to crank it all the way up to the “hare” setting, which is the maximum.  This is why most of the door frame, wall and furniture damage happens during the latter part of each week.

wheelchair joystick

She also reminds me that I need to unplug the wheelchair from the charger before she gets up the next morning.  I usually wander into her bedroom about 6:45 or so Sunday morning since she generally sleeps until around 7 AM.

This morning as I was trying to disconnect the bulky and rather snug three-pronged charger plug from the receptacle at the end of the right armrest, Mom’s eyes popped open.  “Are you charging other stuff?” she asked, staring at me from under the bed covers.

“Nope, just the wheelchair,” I replied, placing the cord on top of her dresser and turning on the power.

“Then what are you doing with the charger?” she asked.

“Unplugging it so I can move the chair next to your bed,” I said as I engaged the joystick.

“But what else are you charging?”

“Nothing else.”

“Then why do you want the charger?”

“I don’t want it.”

“But you came in here to get it.”

“No, I came in here to unplug it and move your chair,” I responded with a sigh as I parked the Red Menace next to her bed and turned the speed back down toward a more reasonable “tortoise” setting.

“Then why are you taking the charger away.”

“I’m not taking it anywhere.  See, it’s still right there on your dresser.”

“Oh, okay.  But if you need to use it to charge other stuff, you could borrow it if you want,” she offered as she sat up.

“Well thanks for the offer, Mom, but the only thing it’ll fit into is the wheelchair.”

“Maybe, maybe not.  You could test it by plugging it into other stuff.  You know, like your phone.  You just never know.”

“I’ll keep that in mind the next time I feel like blowing up my cell phone,” I said as I left the room.

“There you go,” she called after me.



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