Drew Carey’s Hair

As I walked into the living room to deliver Mom’s mail to her, I glanced at the TV screen where the Price is Right was in full swing and Drew Carey was trying to fend off the most recent winning contestant as she locked onto him with a bear hug.  I pulled up short in surprise and exclaimed, “Oh my gosh, when did Drew Carey’s hair turn all white?”

“Over night,” she replied nonchalantly.

“Over night?  What do you mean over night?  Was it a different color yesterday?”

“I suppose,” she answered with a shrug.  “One day it was normal, the next day it was grey.”

“Well that’s just not right,” I said.  “It couldn’t have all turned grey in 24 hours.  I don’t think that’s even possible.”

“Then he probably took the dye out,” she offered.

“You mean he dyed it grey?”

“No, he probably dyed it a regular color and then took the dye out so the next day he’d have his normal grey instead.”

“Mom, I don’t think you can take dye out of your hair.”

“Sure you can.  Those Hollywood people change hair color all the time.”

“Sure, they dye it different colors, but they can’t ‘remove’ dye that’s already there.”

“Then maybe he used that Greek chemical stuff.”

“Grecian formula?  No, I think that’s to cover grey, not add it,” I said.

“Okay, but maybe he used it in reverse, so now he’s all grey,” she concluded with a nod.

“I doubt if Drew Cary could do that,” I said as I turned to go.  “It doesn’t even make sense.”

“Well no, not him, but a really good beautician could,” she called after me.  “That’s what they go to school to learn.”

grecian formula

One Comment on “Drew Carey’s Hair”

  1. ciao614 says:

    Its not gray, its platinum blonde. And he must have to get it done every 2-3 weeks since he keeps it so short.

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