Pope Bubba

“The Pope is talking somewhere and those two guys don’t look too happy about what he’s saying,” Mom commented as Bill and I came in from our morning walk.

I glanced at the television and saw Pope Francis giving his historical speech to Congress.  The camera was on the Pope, and he was flanked by V.P. Joe Biden and Speaker of the House, John Boehner.


“See, see,” Mom continued, pointing toward the screen.  “Don’t they look like they’re mad?”

“Maybe a little, but I don’t think they really are,” I commented.  “I think they’re both pretty devout Catholics and I thought Boehner was the one who invited the Pope to speak before congress.”

“Well I guess they don’t like what he has to say,” she said.  “Or maybe they can’t understand him.  I think he’s talking in some kind of a foreign language.”

I listened for a moment before I replied.  “Nope, it’s English.  Maybe it’s because he’s so soft spoken.”

“Well it sounds foreignish to me.  It must be his southern accent that makes it hard to understand him.”

“Southern accent?  What are you talking about?”

“Somebody said he was from somewhere in the south in America.  It starts with an A.  Maybe Alabama?”

“He’s from Argentina, Mom, in South American.  Not Alabama.”

“Oh, okay, that make more sense then,” she said with a shrug.

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