Brow Beat

“Patty!” Mom called out.  “Come and look at this.”

I put the dust cloth down that I was using on my dresser, left my half-cleaned bedroom and walked into the living room.

“What do I have to look at now?” I asked, glancing absently at the Sunday fare currently playing on her television.

“Look at her bangs,” she exclaimed, pointing at the TV screen.  “They’re hanging down in her eyes and she isn’t even moving them away.”

I looked back at the screen where Chrissie Hynde of the Pretenders was being interviewed.

“What the heck’s the matter with her?” Mom continued.  “That would driving me crazy.”

“I agree, that would drive me crazy too.  But, she’s an artist and I guess they’re allowed to look a little weird if they want.”

“I didn’t say she was rude,” Mom replied.  “But if she is, it’s probably because she can’t see anything.”

“Weird,” I said a little louder.  “I said she’s allowed to look a little weird because she’s a singer.”

“Well I don’t think singing has anything to do with bad hair.  Look at Doris Day.  Look at Patty Page.  Look at the Lemon sisters.”

“Lennon sisters, Mom.  And they’re all from the 50’s when being neat was normal.”

“I suppose,” she grumbled.  “But it still doesn’t mean she can see any better.”

“Probably not,” I responded as I walked away.

“If she was my daughter I’d cut those bangs right off.  And maybe give her a perm like I did for you.”

“Then she could go from weird to downright scary,” I mumbled.

chrissie hynde


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