Driving By

Phoenix has a big problem and the media has a name for it: The Freeway Shooter.

It seems there’s a nut job out there taking potshots at drivers on I-10.  There was also a recent report of shots fired on both the 51 and the 202, bringing the count up to 9 events in the last couple of weeks.  It’s getting serious enough to have made the national news.  Thankfully, no one’s been killed – yet.  There is hope however because, even though the police don’t have a clue who’s doing this, Mom’s on the case and has it all figured out.

I was on my way to the garage to transfer clothes from the washer into the dryer, when she pulled me up short with an abrupt, “Well that’s just stupid!”

I paused and looked at the TV, where a report was winding down on the shooter’s latest activities.  “What’s stupid about that,” I asked, nodding my head toward the television.  “Someone’s going around shooting… “

“No, there’s two of them,” she interrupted.  “And what they’re doing is just dumb.”

“”Dumb?  Two of them?  Are you talking about the Freeway Shooter?”

“Yes.  It’s just two idiots driving on opposite sides of the road and shooting at each other.  Stupid.”

“Where in the world did you hear that?”

“They just said so on the news,” she said, pointing toward the TV screen.

“Mom, they just said it happened on the 51 and then on the 202.  Those aren’t the same roads.”

“Sure they are,” she argued.  “They both connect together somewhere and that’s where they were shooting at each other.”

“So you think these two guys are driving on opposites sides of the freeway, shooting at each other and not at other cars?”

“Yes, they’re doing a driving by, you know, like old time knights did with sticks on horses.  Except with guns in cars.  Stupid.”


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