Lettuce Entertain You

Bill and I were thinking about getting a lattice cover over the walkway we had put in along the side of the house.  We’re hoping it will provide afternoon shade to the patio as well as help to insulate the west-facing wall from the grueling afternoon sun.  We called the same company that installed our patio cover to come out and give us an estimate.

After he left, Mom stopped me on my way through the living room.  “Who was that walking around the backyard?” she asked.

“That was Patrick, the patio cover guy.  We’re getting an estimate from him,” I responded.

“An estimate for what?”

“For a lattice cover over the side walkway,” I replied, preparing to go back to the office.

“Now why in the world would you want to go and do that?” she asked.  “That’s just plain stupid.”

I paused in the foyer, took a deep breath and turned around.  “What part do you think is stupid?  That we’re getting estimates or that we thinking of doing it?”

“Doing!” she snorted.  “It just sounds like a stupid thing to do.”

“And what is it, exactly, that you think we’re doing?”

“What you said,” she shrugged.  “Covering the sidewalk with lettuce.  I don’t know why you’d have to pay someone to do it when you could do it yourself except I don’t know why you’d want to do it in the first place.  Seems like a waste of time and lettuce to me.”

“Mom,” I sighed.  “Not lettuce, lattice.  You’ve seen them.  They’re l slats instead of a solid roof.  It’s sort of like a pergola.”

“Oh,” she murmured.  “Okay, but why would you want to build one over the sidewalk.  Doesn’t that belong to Sun City?”

“Not the sidewalk, the side walkway, the one that runs from the side door in the garage, along the Arizona Room walls and connects to the patio.”

“Well that makes more sense,” she said with a nod.  “I was getting worried that maybe you and Bill were going a little loopy.”

“Nope, not yet anyway,” I replied with a smile.  “One loopy person in the house is quite enough, thank you.”

“That’s right,” she nodded in agreement.  “I guess it’s a good thing you and I are okay.”



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