Going, Going, Gone

“I can’t believe all the shows that are going off the air,” Mom commented when I brought her breakfast into the living room and set it down.

“What shows are you talking about?” I asked, glancing at ‘Face the Nation” playing on her TV screen.

“This one,” she said, pointing her spoon towards Bob Shieffer as he interviewed Jeb Bush. “And that letter writer guy. His show too.”

“They aren’t be cancelled,” I said. “Shieffer and Letterman are just retiring. They’ll get new hosts for the shows.”

“Well why on earth would they do that?”

“What? Retire?”

“Yes. I didn’t think either one of them have been on that long,” she said as she worked on scraping the last of the yogurt out of the container.

“Letterman was on for 33 years and Bob Shieffer’s been there since the television was invented. Besides, Shieffer’s pretty old and he probably just wants to stop working and relax.”

“How old?” she asked, squinting at the TV. “I don’t think he looks that old at all. He looks younger than me.”

“Mom, you’re almost 90. Just about everyone is younger than you.”

old lady


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