Blue Angel

“Patty, Patty, look at this,” Mom called out as I wandered into the kitchen for my second cup of coffee. I set down my empty mug and walked into the living room.

“Look at what?” I asked, glancing absently at the TV screen where CBS reporter Michelle Miller was talking about flying around in an F-18.

“They just announced the Navy’s first female pilot,” she exclaimed.

I looked closer at the television and read the ribbon below the three chatty CBS news casters, which proclaimed: “Blue Angels announce first female pilot.”

“She isn’t the Navy’s first female pilot, Mom, she’s the first woman to fly with the Blue Angels.”

Katie Higgins, the Blue Angels first female pilot

“It’s the same thing,” she replied with a firm nod.

“No it isn’t,” I argued. “The Blue Angels are a specialized team within the Navy.”

“If you say so,” she pouted. “But I think it’s the same. If you’re a Blue Angel you’re in the Navy.”

“That’s true, but just because you’re in the Navy doesn’t mean you’re a Blue Angel,” I responded, turning around and heading back to fill my coffee mug.

“Maybe,” she muttered grudgingly. “She’s certainly attractive, don’t you think?” she added.

I paused in the kitchen doorway, then walked backwards until I could see the TV. “Who’s attractive? The reporter?”

“No, the pilot woman. She should look good in the shows. That’s probably why they picked her.”

“What pilot woman?” I asked, looking at the screen once again.

“The one talking on the TV.”

“That’s the reporter that interviewed her, Mom. I don’t think the pilot’s actually there. Besides, it doesn’t matter what she looks like. She’ll be flying in a jet a few thousand feet in the air so no one will be able to see her. Besides,” I concluded, speaking loudly as I walked back into the kitchen for the third time, “I’m pretty sure they picked her because she’s a really, really good pilot.”

“Maybe,” she called after me. “But being good looking probably didn’t hurt.”

Blue_Angel female pilot
Katie Higgins, the Blue Angels first female pilot


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