Puddles on the Stoop

Three years ago, we had our driveway and walkway to the front door resurfaced to cover the damage resulting from 40 years of intense Arizona sun and heat. The concrete is coated with an epoxy and textured, then tinted with two or three custom blended colors to look like natural stone. It’s really very nice and looks so much better than the cracks and oil stains that muddied the old cement.

Our latest home improvement project involved tearing down the 70’s style sun porch enclosure and replacing it with a new, wood-look vinyl coated aluminum support columns and roof, ripping off the green astro-turf covering the patio slab and extending the width by 18 inches. We called Ultimate Coatings, the company that did our driveway, to set up an installation date so they could apply the same type of coating to the patio that we have on the driveway.

They arrived Wednesday afternoon to grind the old astro-turf glue off of the patio slab before applying the epoxy top coating. Mom decided to go back to her bedroom to nap rather than listen to the cacophony coming from the backyard as they stripped the remnants of the 40-year-old adhesive from the cement.

She woke up an hour later and returned to her loveseat. The only noise to be heard was Judge Judy, yelling at someone to “shut up and pay attention to what I’m saying to you.” After watching for several minutes she suddenly called out, “Patty, come and look. They’re doing it!”

I looked up from my PC and over at Bill, who simply shrugged and returned to his Solitaire game.

“Don’t you want to see who’s doing what?” I asked.

“Honey, if those three big guys are doing it on our back porch, I really don’t want to see it… ever,” he muttered.

I walked into the living room where Mom was clicking through TV channels while intermittently glancing down at the TV guide on her lap.

“Okay, I’m here,” I announced. “Who’s doing what?”

“In the backyard. They’re pouring the puddles,” she exclaimed, landing back on Judge Judy and cranking up the volume.


“Yes, on the stoop. And they’re big ones, too.”

I glanced out the dining room window to the right, where Danny was spreading bright white epoxy across the 11 x 22 foot surface of the patio slab. I thought it looked more like white lava than puddles, but, as Mom would say, six of one, seven of another.

I wonder what she’ll call it when they start applying the rich brown and copper tinting. Maybe covering the stoop with chocolate puddles? Or spreading mud puddles on the stoop? Or covering the stoop with p…? With Mom, you never know, so I guess I’ll have to wait until Friday to find out.



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