Spring Forward

“Did you change our clocks?” Mom asked when I brought her a cup of coffee.

“Nope, we don’t have to,” I replied, heading back into the kitchen.

“Well the TV said today’s the day to do it so you need to do it or we’ll be all screwy,” she called after me.

Bill glanced over at me, a barely contained grin on his face as he ladled blueberry speckled batter into the waffle maker. “Screwy?” he mumbled. “The only thing screwy around here is…“

“Mom,” I called out to her. “Arizona doesn’t switch to Daylight Savings.”

“What?” she yelled back over the booming opining of some Sunday morning commentator.

I took a deep, cleansing breath and walked back into the living room. “Arizona doesn’t go on Daylight Savings, Mom,” I repeated, picking up the remote and turning the TV volume down.

“Oh? Since when?” she asked skeptically.

“Since Daylight Savings started,” I replied. “The last thing we need here in the middle of July is more daylight.”

“Well that’s for true,” she agreed with a nod. “But if we don’t celebrate Daylight Savings then we won’t be on the same time as everyone else. What time should I use?”

“Whatever time it is now. We’ll be the same as California, Pacific Time, until daylight savings goes away in the fall. Then we’ll be back on Mountain Time,” I explained, preparing to leave once again, under the illusion that my explanation settle the matter and eliminated her confusion.


“So California doesn’t go over to daylight time either?” she asked.

“Yes, they do. It’s just us and Hawaii that don’t”

“So is Hawaii the same time as California?”

“No, Hawaii is like 3 hours behind California.”

“Except when it’s on California time?”

“No, Mom, it never goes on California time. Only we do when Daylight Savings kicks in.”

“Then why is Hawaii 3 hours different if it doesn’t go on daylight time?”

“Because it out in the middle of the ocean, over 2,500 miles away, so the sun comes up later and the time starts later.”

“Okay, so then maybe if they use the daylight time they could start the day sooner and then they could be on the same time as everyone else,” she said. “That’s what I’d do if I was in charge of Hawaii,” she concluded, picking up the TV guide.

“I’ll pass that along to their Governor,” I muttered, as I returned to the kitchen and a nearly hysterical waffle-making husband.

spring forward


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