Stay Tuned

As I carried a basket of warm, freshly dried laundry through the living room on my way to the bedroom where Bill and I sort and fold clean clothes, Mom pulled me up short by announcing, “There’s something coming up on the Access channel.”

“Oh?” I replied, pausing half way to the foyer. “What’s that?”

“What’s what?” she asked, looking momentarily confused.

“What’s coming up?” I asked

“Something you might be interested in.”

“On the Access channel? What’s the Access channel?”

“It’s the one on in a half an hour. On 15,” she explained.

“Oh, you mean Access Hollywood, the TV show,” I said. “So what’s coming on that I might want to see?”

“I don’t remember, but I thought you’d want to see it.”

“Well how do you know I might want to see it if you don’t remember what it is?”

“Because I wanted to see so I thought you’d like it too.”

“Okay, but what’s it about?” I asked, shifting the laundry basket to my other side.

“I don’t know,” she replied with a shrug. “I forgot.”

“Well if you forgot, how do you know you want to see it?”

“Because I marked it in the TV book, so it must be something good,” she responded, waggling the well-worn publication at me for emphasis. “Do you want to watch it?”

“No, I think I’ll pass,” I responded as I moved toward the hall. “I’ve got laundry to fold and a project to work on. That’s enough excitement for me for one day.”

“Okay then,” she called after me. “I’ll let you know what it was about. At least the parts I remember.”

TV watching


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