Wrong Way Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving. A time to count your blessings, eat way too much food, and indulge the grand kids. And for Olivia, our bundle of non-stop fun, energy and 3 year old curiosity, indulgence was letting her pretend to drive Barney around the garage – without really turning him on.

She spotted Barney’s purple golf cart wonderfulness when we all went into the garage to following her Aunt Dana, Uncle Allen and Cousin Amber out to their car to say good-bye after a gluttonous Thanksgiving feast. Once they were gone, motoring back home to Mesa, Olivia climbed on board with instructions to Bill to “get in next to me Papa while I drive and look out for cryroties.” That’s ‘coyotes’ in post-toddler English.

She discovered the turn signals and used them like a gear shift, pretending the click-click-click was the sound of the wheels turning as she motored around “Halloween Town” looking for “cryroties who come out to eat punkins and candy.”

As the minutes wore on – along with Barney’s battery life from the non-stop blinking of the turn signals – her dad, our son Ryan, came to gather her up, load her into the car, and make the hour-long trek home.

“Come on, Olivia,” he said. “It’s time to head home. You need to go in and say bye to Grandma and thank her for taking you for a ride on her wheelchair.”

“One more drive,” she called out cheerfully. “I’m almost done looking for cryroties.”

“No, now,” he instructed. “You can do this the right way or the wrong way. Which is it?”

“The right way,” she said with a note of sad resignation in her little voice as she continued to flip the signal lever and jerk the steering wheel back and forth.

“Okay then. Let’s go in and say bye to Grandma,” he said.

“No. I think maybe the wrong way,” she corrected herself, flipping the turn signal from right to left.

Happy Thanksgiving all!

Driving Barney 2


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