Bill and I had just returned from the drug store with a refill for one of Mom’s prescriptions. He remained in the garage to load a case of water into the refrigerator and I came into the house and went to the kitchen to consolidate Mom’s old pills with the new ones. Before I could get to the cupboard where her pills are stored, Mom called out to me, “Patty, come here. I have something important.”

Placing the prescription bag aside, I wandered into the living room where Mom sat with her trusty notepad in hand.

“What’s going on?” I asked.

She glanced briefly at her notes and took a deep breath. “It was a warning on the news,” she began with grim undertones. “If your computer says to click, don’t do it. It’s a scam and they just want to get your number,” she concluded with a firm nod.

“Oh, Mom,” I said, trying not to chuckle as I turned to go back to the kitchen. “I think my computer’s already got my number.”

“Maybe, but the scammers want it anyway, so look out!”



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