We had the nicest surprise on our walk today – lovebirds, and lots of them. Apparently Peach-faced Lovebirds have been thriving here in the Valley. These small African parrots are normally sold as pets; however, the off-spring of those that were freed decades ago have thrived in our climate.

As we walked by a stately Pineapple Palm Bill did a double-take and exclaimed, “There’s a green bird in that tree.”

Now this was a remarkable statement because in the five years we’ve lived in Sun City the only colors we’ve noted in the avian population, not counting Hummingbirds, are shades of black and shades of brown. So for us, spotting a green bird was as unusual as seeing a Penguin waddle across the street.

We paused a few feet away from the tree and gazed up the trunk towards the palm fronds that were swaying gently in the morning breeze. And there it was – a beautiful, small bright green parrot with a lovely rose colored face. And then there was another, perched just above the first one. As we took a tentative step closer, the tree rustled with sudden motion and at least a dozen lovebirds exploded into the sky, collectively circled twice overhead, then landed across the street in another Pineapple Palm.

Lovebird in a Palm

When we got home, I handed Mom her coffee and told her what we’d seen.

“Parrots?” she asked, followed by a tentative sip. “In a cage?”

“No, they were wild,” I said. “And beautiful green and peach, not brown.”

“So which were they, wild or brown?” she asked.

“What? Neither. No, wait, they were wild, but not brown,” I sputtered. “Why would you think they were brown? I told you they were green.”

“Because all the birds around here are brown, so they must have been tame but not brown. If they were brown then they’d be wild, but not green,” she concluded.

I left the room and went into the garage to bang my head on the dryer. It didn’t help.


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  1. wow…i bet green is tasty..

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