Is It Moist?

Walking around Phoenix in July, August, and September is not much fun – especially when you do a 5 ½ mile trek every morning, 7 days a week. Now why, you might ask, would anyone in their right mind trudge around on hot cement sidewalks in mid-90 degree heat? Because, I would answer, I’m married to a crazy man!

But, truth be told, I’m very grateful to Bill that he guilted me into starting this exercise regime back in April when the sun didn’t come up until 7:00 or so and temperature was in the sixties and low seventies. Now, I’m hooked and I actually don’t totally hate waking up at 5:30 in the morning, pulling on my walking clothes, downing a quick cup of wake-me-up coffee and then venturing out around 6:15 for a 104 fun filled minutes of monsoon heat and humidity.

During late spring and early summer Mom’s usual greeting when I stumbled back into the house was “Is it hot out?” My reply hinged on how much sweat I was producing. A slight film warranted a “No, it’s not too bad.” Moderate perspiration garnered a “It’s starting to heat up,” and buckets of salty wetness dripping into my eyes and her empty OJ glass usually elicited a “Mom, I’m dying here. Yes, it’s really, really hot!”

However, after the first Haboob – which usually hits sometime during the beginning of July, her curiosity shifts to a different meteorological phenomenon – the humidity. Unfortunately, she never asks about the “humidity.” Instead she asks, “Is it damp out?” “Does it feel sticky?” “Is it muggy?” “It looks thick out there.” And my favorite, “Is it moist outside?” This morning, however, she threw me a curve ball when I walked into the house. “The weather lady said it’s 52% humidity and there’s a 40% chance of rain,” she reported.

“Well she’s right,” I replied. “Our weather thermometer says 51% humidity and 98 degrees outside.”

“Does it say if there’s a 40% chance of rain?”

“No, it doesn’t predict the weather, it just measures what’s going on right now.”

“Oh, well okay then. So was it moist on your walk?”



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