The Good Stuff

The first part of August, Bill had extremely successful cataracts surgery on both eyes, first the left and then, a week later, the right. For the first time since he was in Kindergarten he doesn’t have to wear glasses except for close-up reading.

I’ve had to drive for the last couple of weeks because his driver’s license has a restriction (glasses) but wearing them now pretty much renders him blind. So the day after his second surgery we made the trek to the Driver’s License Bureau because his license was expiring the following week on his birthday and needed to be renewed.

After he got his new, “no restrictions” license, we returned to Sun City and the local Dollar Store for a cheap pair of reading glasses. The choices were limited since rhinestones and purple plastic frames weren’t really options as far as he was concerned. He finally settled on a couple of pairs of a bit more manly wire-rimmed specs and we made our way to the cash register.

As we stood in the checkout lane, an elderly woman with a walker entered the store, wheeled over and pushed into the line next to me. She leaned toward the young woman who was in the process of ringing up our purchase and asked, rather loudly, “Where’s the glue?”

“What kind of glue,” the cashier asked.

“The kind that sticks things together,” she shouted.

“What were you trying to glue?” she probed.

“Some stuff that came apart,” came the logical response.

But what kind of glue are you looking for? Super Glue? Elmer’s?” she suggested hopefully.

“I want the good stuff,” the woman said. “You know, the kind that really sticks good.”

The cashier looked at us and we all performed a mutual shrug. She then reached toward a display to her left and extracted a container of Gorilla Glue. “Will this work?” she asked, handing it to the woman.

She took it with a grateful smile, and turned to go. “Thank you dear,” she said over her shoulder. “Now, which way to reading glasses?”

“Aisle 7!” Bill and I called after her.


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