The Moon

Bill and I were sitting in the Arizona room watching a movie when Mom wheeled up to the door way.

“Did you hear? It’s supposed to be some kind of moon tonight,” Mom informed us.

“Some kind of moon.” I repeated, turning the volume down. “What’s that supposed to mean?”

“That’s what they said on the TV,” she replied.

“Do you mean like a blue moon? Or a harvest moon?’ I asked.

“Or maybe a Moon Pie?” Bill offered, with not quite a straight face. “Maybe a honeymoon?” he droned on. “Or Moon over Miami?”

“No,” she said, turning around and motoring away. “None of those. Some other kind of moon.”

“I guess we’ll have to go outside tonight and have a look,” I called after her.

“Okay,” she shouted back. “It should be something to see.”

“Maybe a moon landing?” Bill continued. “Cows jumping over the moon? Some vintage moonshine?”

“Shut up,” I whispered as I gave his leg an affectionate bump with my foot. “It’s our anniversary and now we can celebrate with some kind of moon.”



One Comment on “The Moon”

  1. Happy anniversary. I hope the moon was something to write home about xx

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