Season Opener

The first Haboob of the season roared through Phoenix the night before July 4th.  It was an awesome display of wind, lightning, thunder and rain, all pushing a five-mile high wall of dust through the Valley of the Sun.  After more than four months of dry, rainless days, the storm dumped an inch and a half or more of much need water.  The 56 mile an hour wind gusts also dumped electric lines, cactus and trees.  And one of the trees was the beautiful Mesquite in our front yard.
7-4-14 Haboob

When Bill and I returned from our morning walk at 7:30, Mom had finished the breakfast I’d left out for her before we left at 6 and was waiting for her coffee.

“Did it rain last night?” she asked, as I handed her a mug of Breakfast Blend.

“Yup, it sure did,” I replied. “And there was lots of thunder and lightning and wind. It was pretty wild. In fact, we lost the Mesquite out front. Someone’s coming by later today to cut it up and haul it away.”

“Cut up what?” she said, squinting up at me as though that would help her to hear better.

“The Mesquite. Someone’s coming to take it away.”

“Mosquitos?” she asked, squinting even harder. “We don’t get many mosquitos around here.”

“Mesquite, Mom,” I shouted. “Someone’s coming by to take the Mesquite tree away.”

“Well that’s just crazy,” she huffed.

“Why is it crazy?”

“It’s a perfectly good tree. Why would you chop it down?”

“We’re not chopping it down. It came down in the storm last night. We’re lucky it fell towards the street and not on our new roof.”

“Oh, that’s okay then,” she muttered. “And maybe they can spray to get rid of those mosquitos too,” she added, sipping delicately from her cup.


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