Now that spring is here Mom seems to have moved on from her dire predictions of an Arctic apocalypse destroying Michigan to cloud formations here in Sun City.  As I’ve mention before, Mom’s wintertime weather focus usually centers on Detroit and the state of Michigan in general.  This is because it’s her hometown, her two sons still live there, and the winter weather in Phoenix is pretty boring.  It rains occasionally, the wind kicks up every once in a while, but, for the most part, it’s clear blue skies, spectacular sunsets and wonderful, warm sunny days and cool nights.  But from a climate standpoint – boring.  So Mom zeroes in on the harsh winters back east, uttering prophesies of gloom and doom about the risks of navigating the black ice coated roads, the potential of avalanches from the mountainous snow drifts that grow higher each day, and the dangers of icy hail the size of hockey pucks falling from the sky.

But once Mother Nature eases back a bit on the frigid winter drama, there’s a small window of benign weather before the onset of floods and tornadoes and hurricanes.  During this kinder, gentler time Mom has to find something else meteorological on which to comment.  During the lull of early spring, it’s clouds.

She comes into the living room in the morning and gazes out the window and then loudly announces the current condition of the sky.  I’ve been keeping track of the cloud report for several days now.

A week ago, last Wednesday, the announcement was “the clouds are really thin and way up there.”  On Thursday the clouds were “grey and overcast and soupy.”  On Friday it was “gloomy but no rain-type clouds.”  Last Saturday it was “mostly clear, just a couple of clouds in the middle part of the sky.”  On Sunday it was “mostly clear except for some skinny clouds.”  On Monday the sky was “full of fat clouds.”  On Tuesday it was “full of some longish clouds but not a lot.”  This morning it was “really clear, not a cloud in the sky.”

I’m waiting with baited breathe for the cloud report tomorrow.  Maybe it’ll be fat clouds intermingled with skinny clouds and they’ll make longish clouds which might cause a chance of gloom but no rain.  You just never know what springtime in Sun City will bring.

cloud 1


2 Comments on “Clouds”

  1. penpusherpen says:

    I must admit, I do sometimes mention the state of the clouds, …Oooer, am I turning into another ‘Cloud Watcher?’ O_o xPenx

  2. Patt says:

    There certainly could be worse things to watch and it’s far more interesting than being, say, a rock watcher or a sand pile watcher or a paint drying watcher.

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