A Bowl and a Spoon

“Morning,” I called after Mom as she wheeled into the living room Monday morning.  She replied with a Queen Elizabeth wave as she motored over and parked in front of the dining room window for a glance at the day.  “Do you want cereal this morning?” I asked as I poured her OJ.

“No, just my banana and yogurt,” she instructed, moving away from the window.  “That stuff with the bowl and spoon is just too much,” she added as she tooled past the kitchen doorway towards her sofa.

“Stuff with the bowl and spoon?” I repeated.  “Is that opposed to the stuff on a stick that I normally give you?”

“You never gave me that kind before,” she replied, settling onto the loveseat and putting her feet up on the ottoman.  “You just give me the cereal with the bowl and spoon.  Oh, and my banana on top.  It’s just too much food.”

“What if I gave you the cereal with just the bowl and spoon and no banana?” I inquired as I walked into the living room with her breakfast order.  “Maybe you could have half a grapefruit instead.”

“Well that would taste just terrible,” she commented after taking a tentative nibble of the blueberry yogurt.  “Some other kind of fruit maybe, but not grapefruit.  Or oranges.  Or those weird green things with the little black eyes.”

“I meant in a separate bowl, not on your cereal.  And I think you mean Kiwi.”

“If you say so.  A banana and yogurt is just fine,” she replied.

“I just thought cereal might be a nice change.  Isn’t that why you had me go out and buy cereal?  You didn’t want your granola bars anymore, because you were getting tired of the same thing?  Now all you eat is a banana and yogurt.”

“Well someday I’ll get tired of bananas and yogurt and then I’ll try something different,” she said with a finality.

Okay, but if it takes four years like it did with the granola bars, I seriously doubt if the Special K will last that long in the pantry.”



2 Comments on “A Bowl and a Spoon”

  1. penpusherpen says:

    Oh Dear, … (made me smile straight away with the QE wave!! 🙂 ) and are you taking orders? I’ll have Special K with bananas and Kiwi please!! Yummy……xPenx

    • Patt says:

      I suppose if she had asked that I pick up Twinkies instead of Special K for a change in her breakfast menu, those would probably last in the pantry until she tired of yogurt. I guess because I’m rotating the flavors, she feels she’s not in a “breakfast rut.”

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