Auto Port?

We finally convinced Mom to go for a hearing test knowing full well that she’d need a hearing aid even though Mom was more than a little skeptical.

A few minutes before we were scheduled to leave, I came into the living room with her tennis shoes and socks to swap out for her slippers.  “It will be nice to finally have your hearing tested and get a professional opinion,” I commented, moving her feet off her ottoman and sitting down in front of her.

“What?” she said.  “Proof of onion?  A herd of what?”

“Your hearing tested,” I said loudly.  “It’ll be nice to get a professional opinion.”

“When am I doing that?” she asked, frowning at me.  “And why are you taking off my slippers?”

“We’re leaving in a few minutes.  The appointment is today.”

“What appointment?” she grumbled.  “I thought you and Bill were getting your ears tested, not me.”

“No, it’s for you and it’s long overdue.  You told me earlier this week that it was okay, so I made an appointment,” I said, putting her right tennis shoe on and tying the laces.  “I told you about this yesterday.”

“Oh, well, I don’t remember that,” she muttered, as I slipped on her left shoe.  “Besides, I hear most stuff just fine.”

“Well sure, if we yell or if the volume’s turned high enough.  The neighbors know what you’re watching on TV, Mom.”

“I don’t know about that,” she argued.  “I think I hear okay.”

A half an hour later, after introducing ourselves, completing a lengthy questionnaire and conducting an ear exam, Dr. Kim was ready to begin.  “Are you ready to get started?” he asked Mom.

“What?” she shouted back.

“The audio portion of the test,” he answered.  “Are you ready?”

“Auto port?  I don’t know what that is, but my hearing’s fine.”

Her new hearing aid will be ready in two weeks!



2 Comments on “Auto Port?”

  1. penpusherpen says:

    and she’ll hear a pin drop, 😉 xx

  2. Patt says:

    I know. Bill and I will have to be a little more careful what we say and how loud we say it. But it sure will be great not having her TV cranked up so high we can hear it when we’re doing yard work.

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