I mentioned earlier that, after Mom killed her TV, we gave her ours and bought a new Smart TV.  We can get on the Internet, sample movies and streaming from a wide variety of sites, get on social media, and see the PCs on our home network to access pictures and movies and music – all while remaining comfy couch potatoes.  The one thing that wasn’t smart about the TV was the audio, which was pretty mediocre.  We couldn’t strike a balance between voices and background music.  If we wanted to hear what the actors were saying we had to turn the volume way up, which was fine until the music kicked in.  Then we had to hurry up and turn it way down or risk structural damage to the walls of the Arizona Room.  We decided, in the long run, it would be cheaper to get an external sound system than pay to repair cracked wallboard and broken windows.  So a couple of weekends ago we went to Fry’s Electronics and got a sound bar and sub-woofer.

That night, Bill used the smart part of the TV and bought a movie online.  It was World War Z, which, by the way, was actually pretty good.  Like most action movies, it had lots of intense action with the appropriate dramatic musical accompaniment.  It was full of wonderful tension-mounting brass and strings and ominously threatening percussions, as well as great bass and treble mixes.  It all created such an intense rush and depth of sound that it caused our stomachs to quiver.

We thought we were keeping the sound down to a dull roar so that it wouldn’t disturb Mom, who was watching her programs in the living room, but I guess the sound system was as good as the salesman promised because when she wheeled up to the doorway into the Arizona Room to say goodnight, she asked, “Did you two hear that thunder outside?”

We gave each other a guilty look and I said, “No, we didn’t hear any thunder.”

“Well I can’t believe that you didn’t.  It was really loud and I’ll bet it lasted for at least an hour.  Are you sure you didn’t hear it?”

“Nope,” Bill commented.  “Didn’t hear a thing.  Our TV must have been turned up too loud.”

“And I thought I was the one with the hearing problem,” she snorted, rolling away.



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