Family Album

We returned to Mexico yesterday for a one-month follow-up appointment with Dr. Perez, Bill’s dentist.  He wanted to make sure there was no remaining infection where he had extracted Bill’s incisor and removed the Pollywog-like cyst.  I assumed that was the only reason for the visit.  But, as is often the case, I was wrong.

After getting a clean bill of health, Bill was checking out when the receptionist, Grace, called out to me where I was sitting in the lobby waiting area.  “Miss Patt, they wish to show you Bill’s x-rays,” she said as she opened the door leading into the inner examination rooms.  I gave Bill a quizzical look as I passed him on my way into the interior.

Inside one of the exam rooms stood two dentists and three assistants.  They were facing a monitor with a digital x-ray of Bill’s mouth.  Everyone was smiling broadly and nodding happily at me.  With Grace translating, they explained that Bill was doing fine, the bone graft was taking, and he’d be able to receive an implant for the vacated tooth within 6 months.  I smiled back and told them how much we appreciated the care they gave us and the way they shared information with both of us.  I thought this was the end of the dental tour.  Again, I was wrong.

When I returned to the checkout counter, where Bill was scheduling his next appointment, I was greeted by my dentist, Dr. Esperanza, who is also the office implant specialist.  He shook my hand and waved his cell phone in my direction.  I thought he wanted to show me pictures of his family.  Once more, I was wrong.

I squinted at the Tiger glass screen on his phone as he scrolled through pictures of Bill’s digital x-rays and the Pollywog cyst.  I looked up, apparently with enough confusion on my face that Grace didn’t need to translate when I asked, “You carry pictures of Bill’s teeth on your phone?”

“”Si, yes, I do” he replied smiling.  “And cyst also.”

I guess Bill and I are now officially part of the family.



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