Labor Day Mystery

“Patty!” Mom called after my retreating figure.  I was going down the hall with fresh cups of coffee for me and Bill and she must have spotted me as I passed through the foyer.

“What!” I shouted back from the doorway of the office.

“I need you to put out my mail,” she yelled.

I sighed, placed Bill’s coffee in front of him and put mine on my desk before turning around and returning to the living room.  I picked up the envelope – yet another contest entry – from the side table where the outgoing mail sits.

“The mailman may come early today,” she announced.

“Oh, and how do you know that?” I asked.

“Because he rang the bell the other day, when you were out, and I got the package from him and I said I hoped he enjoyed having Monday off for Labor Day.”

“That was nice of you,” I said.

“Yes.  And he said he’d have Tuesday too because that was his normal day off.  So there’ll be a substitute today,” she replied.  “This is Tuesday, right?”

“Right,” I said as I opened the door and place the mail in the basket hanging outside on the wall above the mail slot.

After I closed and locked both doors, I turned and said “Speaking of mail deliveries, what was so important that Rick had to ring the bell and actually wait until the door opened?  He usually rings once and then leaves it on the porch.”

“Oh, I don’t know.  It was a package or something, I think for Bill.  I can’t remember what it was.  But I gave it to you when you got home.”

“From Ryan and Jamie’s on Saturday?” I asked.  “There weren’t any packages for us.”

“It must have been earlier in the week then,” she hedged.

“No, we’ve been here every day for mail delivery and Bill already got the two things he was waiting for from Amazon.”

“Well I just don’t remember,” she huffed.

“But you can remember Rick’s day off is today?”

“I guess so.  I guess my mind is like a strainer,” she concluded.

“Don’t you mean a sieve?”

“Six of one, seven of another,” she responded with a shrug.


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