More Weeds

Bill made a wonderful shrimp Caesar salad for dinner last night.  I plated it and served it to Mom with a slice of Vienna Artisan bread, lightly toasted with garlic butter.  Yum, it makes my mouth water just remembering.

During dinner, Mom paused and, after poking around in her salad, asked “What’s this white stuff on the salad?”

“That’s Parmesan cheese.  It’s shaved instead of grated,” I said.

There was a pause and I waited for, what I hoped would be, some kind of compliment on the salad.

Wrong.  Instead, she stabbed a piece of lettuce and held it up on her fork before asking, “What are these green leaves?”

I took a deep breath and blew it out slowly before I answered, “Torn Romaine.  It’s a shrimp Caesar salad, Mom.”

“Oh, okay.  Just checking,” she replied, popping the lettuce into her mouth.  “I didn’t know if it was more weeds from your garden or not.”

“Those weren’t weeds, they were different varieties of leaf lettuce,” Bill muttered.

“I know, that’s what you told me before.  They just look like weeds to me,” she said.

“Well, did they taste like weeds?” he asked.

“I don’t remember,” she answered.  “It was too long ago.”

“Well you remembered you thought they were weeds,” he argued.

“That’s because my brain remembers things my mouth forgets.”



2 Comments on “More Weeds”

  1. Lynn says:

    Thanks for shareing I am laughing my butt off

  2. sugarbeechronicles says:

    Oh, my gosh! That’s funny….this was a great story to start my day. 😄

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