Jailhouse Granny

Unlike millions of other people around the country and the world, Bill and I haven’t been glued to the daily saga of the Jodi Arias trial and sentencing.  Whatever nuggets we hear about it come from the nightly news or reports from Mom.  We have confidence that what the news reports is mostly accurate and no illusions that what Mom reports is mostly inaccurate.  For example, she gave me an Arias update yesterday morning.

“Did you hear that all the reporters are mad at that Jodi Arias?” she said.

“No, I didn’t know that,” I replied.  “Why are they mad?”

“I don’t know but I think it has something to do with her speech that she gave in court.”


“Yes, at her trial yesterday,” she explained.  “She gave a speech about why she shouldn’t die.”

“Oh, that.  Well why did that make the reporters mad?”

“Because she never apologized for killing that guy and all she did is talk about wanting to cut her hair and teach her grandmother Spanish.”

“Mom, she’s either going to death row or to prison for the rest of her life.  How is she going to teach her grandmother Spanish from behind bars?”

“I don’t know.  Maybe her grandmother’s in jail too,” she said as she flipped through her TV magazine.

“You don’t seriously think her grandmother’s in prison, do you?”

“Maybe.  Stranger things have happened,” she concluded, changing the channel to The Price Is Right and putting an end to the conversation by turning up the volume.

“Well there was a nugget of the real story buried in there somewhere,” Bill commented after I told him about this latest revelation from my mother.  “What Arias said was she wanted to teach Spanish and literacy to prisoners if she got a life sentence.”

“Honey,” I replied.  “There’s always a nugget of accuracy in just about everything she says.  It’s just that sometimes the nuggets aren’t much bigger than a grain of sand.”



2 Comments on “Jailhouse Granny”

  1. Fred F. says:

    She might be a little mixed up, but there is more than one grain of truth.

    All of the reporters are really mad.

    The grandmother was Travis Alexander’s grandmother who died while Jodi was locked up in jail, who Jodi felt remorse for dying partially out of a broken heart over her grandson being murdered. It was some of the very little remorse Jodi has shown.

    The hair is Jodi donates her hair to locks of love. If spared she would continue to grow her hair to donate.

    Someone needs to start a network for senior citizens. My mom has no dementia, but the contrived panic of the news stations often leaves her confused. Your mom and mine need something better to watch. My mom watches Fox News, because she likes “the irish guys”. :\

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