Liar, Liar

“Well, they finally reached a verdict on that Jodi woman,” Mom yelled from the living room.

Bill and I were in the next room watching the live feed from the courtroom on our TV.  “I know Mom,” I yelled back.

“She’s guilty,” Mom shouted.

“I know, we’re watching it in here,” I shouted back from my comfy spot on the couch in the Arizona room.

“Are you watching the local channel?”

“No, we’re watching cable news.”

“Then it’s not live,” she argued.

Tired of hollering back and forth, I rose begrudgingly and trudged into the living room.  “What do you mean it’s not live?  It’s a live news feed from the downtown courthouse,” I said, glancing at the local broadcast on her TV.  “They’re showing the exact same thing on Fox as they are on channel 12.”

“But channel 12 is local and Fox isn’t.  They’re in New York or Washington or someplace,” she argued.  “So it’s not as up-to-date as Phoenix news.”

“Mom,” I sighed.  “They have reporters and cameras here in Phoenix.  It’s just as current as the Phoenix stations.”

“Oh, I didn’t know that.  Well, did you hear what some psychiatrist said about her?  He said that she’s a liar.” she said in answer to her own question.

“Lots of people know she’s a liar.  She changed her story 3 times before she decided to tell the truth.  And even most of that’s probably a lie,” I replied, turning to rejoin Bill on the couch.

“But the psychiatrist said she’s a special kind of liar.  A perpetual liar, which I’m guessing is really bad.”

“Probably so,” I said over my shoulder.  “It’s probably even worse than compulsive or habitual.”

“That’s my guess too,” she agreed, returning her attention to the perpetual coverage of the Jodi Arias trial.



2 Comments on “Liar, Liar”

  1. huh..we seem to have perpetual liars in wonderland..interesting.

    • Patt says:

      Maybe they too have been perpetually glued to Jodi vision for the past 4 months rather than perpetually harassing a poor, sweet little kitty.

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