Kay is Mom’s granny nanny.  She comes to the house twice a month to fix Mom’s dinner and keep her company while Bill and I get away for a couple of hours.  She’s a retired full-time caregiver who wants to continue to work part time.  She’s much closer to Mom’s age than the younger women who have been coming over, and they seem to have a lot more in common.  When she first started in February, I kept my fingers crossed that the two of them would get along – but the pairing has exceeded my wildest expectations.

During her first visit I gave her a tour of the house, showed her where Mom’s dinner and mint chocolate chip ice cream was and explained how to operate the toaster oven and microwave so she could fix dinner.  After she sat down in the living room to get to know Mom, I went to find Bill so we could leave for dinner.  As we came into the living room, Mom called me over.

“Patty, who’s that woman that escaped?”

“Escaped?  What do you mean?” I asked.

“You know, the one the police are hunting for?” she said.

“I think she means that girl who’s on trial for murdering her boyfriend,” Kay suggested.

“No, no, not her,” Mom said.  “The one who’s car they found.”

“Do you mean Dorner, the cop killer?” I asked.

“No, not him,” she said, shaking her head.  “He’s some kind of child molester or something.”

“No, I think he robbed some people,” Kay said, shaking her head in unison with Mom.  “Or maybe he robbed them and then murdered them.  Something like that.”

“So, who’s the woman that escaped?” Mom continued.  “They were just talking about it on the news.”

“Is it that boyfriend murderer?” Kay asked.  “Did she escape from jail?”

“Maybe that’s it,” Mom said, nodding.  “Maybe that’s what I heard.”

“Okay, stop, both of you,” I interjected.  “Jodi Arias is on trial for murdering her boyfriend and she hasn’t escaped from jail.”

“Oh, well, that’s a good thing, isn’t it Elaine?” Kay replied.

While Mom nodded in agreement, I continued.  “Dorner is the cop killer they found in an empty cabin.  The sheriff’s department burned the cabin down with him in it.”

“Then what happened to the woman who got away?” asked Kay.

“Donner broke into another cabin earlier and a couple of maids showed up to clean it and surprised him.  He tied them up, stole their car and then one of them got loose and called the police.”

“So who did she murder?” asked Mom.

“No one.  She didn’t murder anyone.” I said.

“Well that’s a good thing,” Kay interjected.  “There are just way too many people getting murdered as it is.”

Bill gave me a nudge and, as we waved good-bye and walked into the Arizona Room towards the door to the garage for our two-hour escape, I could hear the conversation continue.

“I know,” Mom said.  “I’m just glad I don’t live alone.  If someone broke in at least Bill and Patty are here.”

“You’re very lucky,” Kay said, leaning across the end table and patting Mom’s arm.  “Since my Alvin passed I just have my little Shih Tzu, Marlene, to protect me.”

“I can’t take care of a dog, so we don’t have one.  But I do love animals,” Mom added.  “You should bring Maureen with you some time.”

“No, Marlene,” Kay said as the door closed behind us.

“Oh, well, you can bring her too.”



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