You Know and Whose It

Bill and I were in the kitchen plating up sweet and sour chicken and egg rolls for dinner.  Mom, who waiting patiently while she watched the news, suddenly yelled out, “That kid, you know, looks just like whose it did at his age.”

Bill almost spilled a serving spoon full of rice on to the counter as he turned to give me a confused look and mouthed, “whose it?”  I just closed my eyes for a moment and shook my head, then I gave him a reassuring pat on the shoulder.

“Tiger Woods,” I shouted back.  “Do you mean Tiger Woods?”

“Yes.  He looks just like Tiger Woods did at his age.”

“What is she talking about?” Bill asked, handing me her dinner.

“That young Chinese boy that’s playing in the Master’s Tournament.  I think he’s 14.”

“But he doesn’t look anything like Tiger Woods.  He’s Chinese and Tiger Woods is black.”

“But they’re both golfers and they both started competing when they were young and they both have on golf hats and they’re both wearing golf clothes and golf shoes.”

“And you could figure out who she was talking about by hearing whose it and you know?” he asked.

“I know.  I scare myself sometimes,” I said over my shoulder as I carried Mom’s dinner from the kitchen.  “Now, if I start having conversations with her and she isn’t even talking, you’ll know it’s time to haul me away.”

“Conversations with who?” Mom asked, as I handed her the plate.

“You know or whose it or what’s his name,” I answered.  “One of those guys.”

“Oh, them,” she replied, nodding knowingly as she scooped up a forkful of rice and chicken and pineapple.



One Comment on “You Know and Whose It”

  1. David Osborn says:

    FWIW – Earl Woods (Tiger’s dad) had met his second wife, Kultida Punswad (Tiger’s mom), while stationed in Thailand in 1966. Punswad is half Thai, a quarter Dutch and a quarter Chinese.

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