The Ultimate Tailgate Party

According to the ad on TV during dinner, the RV show is back in town.  Dealers from all over the state fill Phoenix Cardinal Stadium with pop-ups and campers and big class-A and class-C motorhomes, all with promises of low, low prices and hot, hot deals.  They seem to have this once-a-year sale every 3 months or so.  When the commercial ended, Mom’s only observation was, “Boy, those trailers sure have been inside the stadium a long time.”

I looked at Bill and he tried not to choke on his baked rigatoni.

“What trailers, Mom?” I asked.

“The ones that they’re trying to sell.  They’ve been trying to sell them for years.”

“I think they probably swap out new ones once in a while,” Bill commented drily.

“I’d hope they’d do better than that.  I don’t know how they can even play a baseball game in there with all that stuff taking up space.”

“It’s a football stadium,” I replied.

“Even worse.  That uses up more room than baseball, so I don’t see how they can play anything.  If it was my team, I’d be complaining to the stadium manager.”

“Maybe they can use them for tailgating parties during football season,” I said with a sideways grin at Bill as I cleared Mom’s empty plate and moved towards the kitchen.

“Maybe.  Or maybe they should think about building some kind of trailer park to sell those things out of,” she called after me.  “That’s what I’d do.  Like a car lot only with trailers.”



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