That’s A Real Weirdo!

We have a large agave growing near our backyard patio.  It was planted 3 years ago when we had some major landscaping work done.  The landscape “designer,” Mr. LaBlanc, gave us a brief botany lesson while his helpers were shifting the agave from its 15-gallon pot into the ground.  He informed us that this particular species was called a Century Plant and would, one day in the distant future, spout a lavishly large and showy flower from its center and once it bloomed, would die.  When I asked how old our plant was, he said he wasn’t sure, but guessed that it was still relatively young.  It took an average of 25 to 30 years for it to mature, so, he assured us, we had plenty of time.

Three years later, Bill commented that it looked like someone peppered the plant food with Viagra because our agave is sporting a humongous woody, so to speak.  Now we’re on a death watch, hoping that this isn’t a night-blooming variety so we can at least enjoy the flower once it opens up.

Mom was wheeling past the dining room window and paused for a minute or two to stare out into the backyard.  I was coming down the hall toward the kitchen where Bill was getting ready to make blueberry pancakes for Sunday breakfast, when I heard her say to him, “You know, I never noticed that cactus growing out of that plant before.”

As I walked into the kitchen he was dropping berries into the batter.  “What cactus growing out of what plant?” he asked as I walked through the kitchen into the dining room where Mom was sitting by the big picture window.

“That one, right there,” she said, waving her hand like a beauty queen in a motorcade.  “The one with the tall cactus coming out of it.”

“Mom, that’s not a cactus, it’s the stem for a flower.  The agave’s going to bloom and then die and we’ll have to figure out what to plant there in its place.” I replied.

“Oh, well then you better not get another one of these.  It’s really a weirdo if you ask me.”

“I suppose it is,” I sighed.  “It fits right in around here.”

Agave 4

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