Pen Pals?

A current car ad is spouting the catch-phrase, “Get a pen and get a Honda.”  During dinner, I had pretty much zoned out all of the commercials… no, wait… change that to pretty much everything that was on the TV, but when this ad finished, Mom piped in.  “Well that’s pretty stupid.”

“What’s stupid?” I asked before gulping down the rest of my milk and preparing to escape to the kitchen.

“This ad,” she said.

“What’s stupid about it?”

“Who in their right mind would think that someone would want to buy a car just to get a free pen?”

“What in the world are you talking about?” I asked.

“This commercial says if you buy a Honda you’ll get a pen,” she explained.  “What kind of a lame thing is that to give someone who just bought a car?”

“I thought it said if you had a pen you could buy a car.  You know, to sign the paperwork,” I replied.

“Well that’s even worse,” she exclaimed.

“Why is it worse?”

“Because you go to this car store to spend maybe hundreds of dollars on a car and they expect you to bring your own pen.  I sure as heck wouldn’t buy one of their cars.  I’d go down the street and buy a Ford.  I’ll bet they’ve got their own pens!”

toon_demon_handing_pen_to_sign_contract_lg_clr (1)


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