“Do you ever watch that show, Bloopers?” Mom asked me as I was helping her get ready for bed.

“Nope, not in a long time.  Why?”

“I was just watching it and it never ceases to amaze me the ridiculous things that men try to do,” she said as she kicked off her slippers.  “They’re just so stupid.”

“Are you talking about the TV program Bloopers?”

“Yes, it’s the one about people doing crazy stunts like parachuting off of a roof or skiing behind a pickup or getting kicked in the privates.  Stupid blooper stuff like that”

“Are you sure you don’t mean Funniest Home Videos?”

“No, it’s called Bloopers now,” she replied, pulling up her pajama bottoms.  “That’s what bloopers means – people doing really stupid things.”

“If you say so,” I said somewhat skeptically.  “But I always thought bloopers were out-takes from TV shows or commercials or news announcers messing up a story.”

“Nope, that’s not bloopers,” she corrected, pulling on the PJ top.  “That’s called something else that I can’t remember.  People acting stupid… that’s bloopers.”

“So what’s Funniest Home Videos called now?”

“Bloopers.  It’s the same show but with a different name.”

“But I thought you said it was called People Are Funny.”

“Nope, Bloopers,” she finished, pulling the covers to her chin.”

“All righty then, Bloopers it is,” I answered as I turned off the light and left her to her dreams.  “Night, Mom.”

I guess there’s nothing like lively, intelligent conversation before bed to ensure a good night’s sleep – at least for Mom.  As for me, I’m actually writing this tidbit up at 2:54 in the morning.  I’m either over stimulated or under medicated.  Anyone have an extra Lunesta they can loan me?


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