Cold End of the Block

I was wheeling Mom toward the bathroom when she commented on how “cool” the ride was.  Knowing Mom, I realized she wasn’t using slang to describe the way I drove the wheelchair; she was being literal.  As I turned into her bathroom I agreed that it did seem a bit colder in this part of the house.

“That’s because we’re partially on a corner,” she replied, as I parked next to the toilet.

Partially?  My mind reeled.  Should I pursue this nugget?  If we’re partially on the corner, where was the rest of the house sitting?  Oh, what the heck, it had been a slow blog week.

“How can we be partially on the corner, Mom?” I asked as I helped her move from one seat to another.

“Because of where the house is,” she answered.  “Otherwise we’d be just partially on the street,” she explained.

“What’s partially on the street?” I asked, completely baffled.  “I don’t understand what that means.”

“You know, just facing the front, by the curb, instead of facing both sides,” she explained as she counted out her 4 squares of toilet paper.

“Okay,” I muttered, leaving her alone to conduct her business while I waited across the hall in the office.  I was shaking my head when Bill looked up from his PC.

“What’s up?” he asked.  “What stupid thing did she say now?”

“Did you know that the house is partially on a corner?”

“What does that mean?  How can we only be partially on the corner?  Where’s the rest of the house?”

“I guess it’s partially somewhere else,” I responded.  “All I know is it isn’t by the curb, which is where it would be if it wasn’t partially on the corner.  And that’s the reason it’s colder back here than in the front of the house.”

“Oh, that’s the reason,” he said, rolling his eyes.  “And here I thought it was because she had the space heater in the living room set at 82!”


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