The Grocery List

Earlier, in “Tap Don’t Write” I vented my frustration with Bill’s compulsion to use technology for something as simple and basic as jotting down a list of items to buy at the grocery store.  It had been a month and I honestly thought he’d forgotten all about it – until we had to make a Safeway run for Mom’s Slim Fast.

“Okay,” he announced this morning, “I’ve got all the coupons loaded on my phone.  Do you have a shopping list ready?”

“Yup, I do,” I informed him with a quick nod.  “I’m locked and loaded and ready to go.”

He started walking from the kitchen into the Arizona Room and the door leading out to the garage, then stopped abruptly and turned slowly around to face me.  I was three paces behind, tucking my cell phone into the side pocket of my purse.  I almost plowed into him.

“What?” I asked, coming to a stop a couple of inches from his face.

“Where’s the list?” he asked, scrunching his eyebrows and looking at me suspiciously.  “Is it on your phone or in your purse?”

“Both,” I replied with a smile.  “It’s on my phone, in my purse.”

“Cool beans,” he responded with a broad grin.  “Now, wasn’t that easy to do?  I’ll bet it was a lot faster for you to do than the last time you did it.”

“It was,” I replied with an enthusiastic grin.  “It only took a few seconds this time,” I finished, double-checking to make sure the list was still stuck to my phone.

I just love Post-it notes!

grocery list2


5 Comments on “The Grocery List”

  1. hey patt..we are giving you an award..please see our blog for details..
    lilly and dt

  2. AirportsMadeSimple says:

    Too funny! You know, I used to put my grocery lists on my phone…until I butt-dialed the list away into oblivion! I love my phone. But not for grocery lists!

    • Patt says:

      That’s too funny. Bill’s even given up on doing the phone list. Last time we were in Safeway, he couldn’t find half the coupons he ‘thought’ he loaded and then the connection kept dropping. Sometimes paper is better than technology.

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