Potty Training


When our kids and grandkids were here for Christmas, our youngest granddaughter came up to me to let her Nana know she needed her diaper changed.  This is communicated by almost 20-month-old Olivia to anyone who will listen by grabbing her butt and saying “pee pee” or “poo poo.”  It isn’t necessarily an accurate indication of the surprise that awaits you inside the diaper, only that Miss Olivia is uncomfortable and wants to get changed.  Now!

Her mom, Jamie, put her on my bed and got the fresh diaper on, but this seemed to upset Olivia even more than the dampness she had to endure for three whole minutes.  What she really wanted to do was sit on the toilet.  This was communicated by Olivia holding her butt and screaming “potty, potty” until I stripped off the fresh diaper, marched her into the bathroom and held onto her while she sat on the seat.

I wasn’t surprised that she didn’t go, since she’d just finished peeing out about a cup’s worth of water and juice into her diaper.  What I was surprised by is that she actually put on a “let’s pretend to go to the bathroom” performance.

She sat very still, with her head lowered and proceeded to hiss.

“Pssssss.  Pssssss.  Pssssss,” she whispered softly through her pursed lips.  I looked at Jamie, who was standing in the bathroom doorway holding Olivia’s little blue jeans, and raised my eyebrows in a “has she done this before?” expression.  Jamie put her hand and Olivia’s pants over her mouth, shook her head, and broke out in hysterical laughter.

“Are you done, sweetie?” I asked Olivia.  She shook her bowed head no and proceeded to continue to ‘pee.’

“Psssss.  Psssss.  Psssss.  Psssss.”

“Are you done now?” I asked.  I was answered with “Psssss.  Psssss.  Psssss.”

So, I did the only thing I could think to make her quit.  I handed her a couple of sheets of toilet paper, which she used expertly before wiggling off the seat.

I think 2013 might be potty training time!  HAPPY NEW YEAR ALL!



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